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Partners in Education Program: We have relationships with many music organizations, including those listed here, teaching music to youths in great need of pianos, violins, cellos, bows, saxophones, flutes and other music instruments, master classes, and concerts that we furnish to them.

Piano & Other Instruments Adoption Program: We have established websites for adoptions of pianos, harps, violins, violas, cellos, bows, oboes, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, bassoons, French horns, trombones, piccolos, guitars, and other musical instruments, to satisfy the needs of our Partners in Education.

Master Classes Program: All of our ensembles who perform on our regular evening concert series are committed to conduct Master Classes so essential for development of chamber music ensembles for students in our Partners in Education Program.

Kids Performing for Kids Program: It is well established that kids who perform for kids provide much more inspiration and motivation for kids to study to perform an instrument.

Free Concerts for Children: Each of the ensembles who perform on our regular evening concert series is committed to per-form concerts that introduces classical music to underprivileged children.

Career Development for Emerging Ensembles: Upon graduation, young ensembles without large financial support, face the most difficult time developing their careers. The Music Guild engages the most talented of the ensembles multiple times which builds their resumes, advises them on successful programming, and publicizes their names with 40,000 flyers, posters and Los Angeles Times and other newspaper and website calendar listings. The ensembles have included the: Calder Quartet, Piano Trio Céleste, Janaki String Trio, Saguaro Piano Trio, Telegraph Quartet, and Neave Trio.

Robert Cauer Violins and Louis Kaufman Lending Programs: The Music Guild lends string instruments and bows to those talented students who cannot afford fine instruments and bows, and to beginning students who cannot afford any instruments.

Concerts and Pianos for Autistic Children, Alzheimer Residents, The Braille Institute, and Disabled Veterans: Concerts are held and pianos are furnished at The Help Group for Autistic Children; the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging; the Belmont Village for Senior Living; The Braille Institute and the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Disabled Veterans.


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