Piano and Instrument Adoption Program

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 The  Music Guild offers a free service for the donation of pianos and all other musical instruments 

to music educators and other non-profit  organizations in Southern California.  

To donate a piano or any musical instrument, please click on the appropirate button.

The Story of our Piano Adoption Program


             Our outreach program, Partners in Education resulted from a very  surprising large number of calls during a two week period by visitors to  this website wanting to donate 15 pianos on condition that the pianos  be picked up in a very short time from donors needing to vacate their  homes. In addition, we have received many offers to donate violins,  cellos, bows, flutes, saxophones, clarinets, etc. which necessitated  changing our website to include other instruments. Donations of pianos  and other instruments now exceed 200.

           Because placement in and locating of public schools takes considerable  time, we found 20 marvelous music teaching organizations like YOLA (LA  Phil Youths) at HOLA (Heart of LA), YMF (Young Musicians Foundation),  YOLA at LACHSA (LA County High School for the Arts), Harmony Project,  Education through Music,  and The Neighborhood Music School that can  take pianos and instruments quickly. Unlike public schools, such  organizations have a constant need and continuing use for pianos and  other instruments.   

          La Sierra University in  Riverside, California is adding a program for children in the community  which would not otherwise have access to music education. This separate  nonprofit endeavor is called Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. The  program had enlisted teachers but was unable to fund the purchase of  student violins for the program. The Music Guild gifted seven violins,  bows and cases to help La Sierra University start this program. The  Director of the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts reports: "We will  loan these instruments to children in the community who will freely  participate in our start up string program. The generosity of The Music  Guild will allow these children an opportunity that, up until now, is  only available to children with financial means. On behalf of those  children, thank you."

          Around Southern California, The  Music Guild's Piano and Instrument Donation Program in Los Angeles is  making a difference in music education.
 * L. A.’s Edison Elementary:  "The piano sounded AMAZING at the Edison Winter Concert! The audience  cheered when we announced The Music Guild donation, and the students had  HUGE smiles on their faces.”
 * Santa Monica-Malibu USD: “. . . many  music teachers, students and concert attendees will enjoy the music . .  . from such a beautiful piano for many years to come!”
 * Education  Through Music: “Thank you so much . . . (for) the placement of the baby  grand . . . piano at El Sereno Middle School. Thank you for helping to  restore lasting music education in a school that would otherwise stay  silent. Thanks to you, a student can learn music in school, increasing  their creativity and focus.”
 * Saturday Conservatory of Music: “our  organization is extremely grateful to receive this gift as it will  further our mission to provide affordable music education to students in  the greater Los Angeles area.”

          The Music Guild's Piano  and Instrument Adoption Program can help you place your piano, violin,  viola, cello, harp, trumpet, clarinet, flute or any instrument with a  nonprofit or music education organization in your community. Many  families are downsizing as the kids grow up and leave the nest and find  they no longer have room for or need of pianos or instruments played by  their children. Many Seniors move into retirement residence and have no  place to put their pianos. Meanwhile, students need these instruments!  From its Southern California headquarters near the historic MGM/Sony  Pictures studios, The Music Guild, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, will  place your piano or other instrument with a not‑for‑profit  organization, school or other music education program to be used for  students for years to come. These organizations find it increasingly  financially difficult to purchase the needed instruments for their  programs and cannot afford to replace their aging, broken pianos and  other instruments.

          Veteran's Administration  professionals also use pianos as part of their rehabilitation programs.  Musical therapy has long been proven to aid in recovery.

           The Piano and Instrument Adoption Program is part of our "Instruments  for Students" and "Keyboards for Kids" programs that The Music Guild has  operated for years. Classical music education has been scientifically  proven to help students in all areas of their education by developing  habits of concentration and increasing self‑esteem, which result in  higher scores on college entrance exams.

            Be a part of this tradition by allowing a nonprofit or other  music education organization to adopt your musical instrument and  receive a charitable deduction. However, The Music Guild does not give  tax advice; please contact a tax professional.